Great Wall Motor x facecar: HMI platform design consulting service

WEY is a Chinese luxury SUV brand created by Great Wall Motor, a Chinese SUV company, by gathering an international R&D team of more than 1,600 people over a period of four years, and owns many popular models such as WEY Lanshan and WEY Alpine. Recently, facecar, as an intelligent cockpit experience innovation and design consulting company, has reached a cooperation with Great Wall Motor to provide HMI design consulting services for WEY under Great Wall Motor, marking the official launch of the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the field of intelligent mobility.

The facecar design team understands the core concept of platform design, focusing on user experience and efficient system integration. In this cooperation, we provided Great Wall Motor with HMI platform design consulting services, helping WEY to build a set of intelligent, efficient and intuitive HMI platform, which organically integrates intelligent driving and advanced connectivity technologies to enhance the driver's travel experience.

In addition to the platformized design of the architecture, facecar also provided WEY with a full range of interface experience design consulting. From information display to interaction design, we strive for excellence in every detail, and through innovative design concepts and technical means, we create a unique and stunning user interface for WEY.

This cooperation with Great Wall Motor WEY is not only an exchange and sharing on the technical level, but also a manifestation of the two sides' common pursuit of intelligent traveling experience. We also look forward to helping WEY build the future of traveling through our in-depth consulting services on HMI design. With the booming development of intelligent technology, facecar will, as always, join hands with our partners to create a smarter, more convenient and safer traveling experience.


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