Designer on-site

facecar provides high-end automotive HMI design talent on-site service, with perfect talent dispatch service system, talent training system and talent management system, the design talent has a lot of first-tier automotive HMI design experience.


Related cases

Volkswagen facecar provides UX designer on-site service for Volkswagen, helping Volkswagen from pre-design exploration to design landing, and design co-creation with Volkswagen design team.

SAIC-GM facecar provides interaction designer on-site service for SAIC-GM, helping SAIC team to complete from user research, forward-looking design to on-the-ground design.

IM facecar has reached an annual framework cooperation with IM Automobile, and provides UEUI designer on-site service for IM, cooperating with IM design team to complete the production car landing design.

Great Wall Motor facecar has reached an annual framework cooperation with Great Wall Motor, providing interaction designers and UEUI designers on-site for Great Wall Motor, responsible for different project boards. During the cooperation period, facecar assisted Great Wall's design team to complete the final production design.


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