3D Design & Development

3D Design & Development Services is dedicated to bringing innovation and technology to the automotive industry to deliver exceptional digital experiences to our customers. facecar's team focuses on state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology and intelligent interaction design, which helps deliver exceptional digital experiences to our customers.


Related cases

M-Hero 917 3D HMI design The facecar design team confirmed the interaction and visual design direction of M-Hero 917 through the research of M-Hero 917's target users' needs and brand DNA excavation. And through the three 3D HMI visual themes of God of War, Future World and Classic Replica, it fully demonstrates the energy rhythm, future technology and industrial expression of M-Hero 917.

HIPHI X 3D HMI design facecar cooperated with HIPHI Automobile, based on user research, 3D engine implementation and interaction visual design, etc., to create a "futuristic, high-end, sci-fi" multi-screen interactive future intergalactic cockpit for HIPHI X, and integrated the 3D trend into the overall design creativity.

SAIC Volkswagen 3D HMI design facecar cooperates with SAIC Volkswagen, through professional market research, positioning the behavioral habits and characteristics of young consumers in the Chinese market, defining the 3D cabin for the new generation of Volkswagen's new energy platform, the overall design of which continues the Volkswagen's design language while embodying a sense of futuristic science and technology.

KAIYI 3D HMI design The new-generation intelligent cockpit HMI experience created by facecar for KAIYI gives users a new 3D visual experience through the fusion design of "car model as desktop".

CHERY 3D HMI design The cooperation between facecar and CHERY, through the pre-design analysis, to explore the design direction including 3D voice image, 3D car model, dynamic scene and other design directions for the final landing design and production.


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