HMI Design

Amid the age where the multi-screen fusion becomes to be a trend in the intelligent vehicle sector, we introduce the experience value into the design process of automotive human-machine interface to create a great human-machine interaction experience for users in the driving environment, via experience design thought tools.


Related cases

M-Hero 917 The facecar design team explored the visual style and brand DNA according to the design positioning, brand image, vehicle styling language and industry design trends of M-Hero 917. We provided in-depth user research, interaction design and other full-process HMI design services for M-Hero 917.

Volkswagen HMI experience innovative design Volkswagen HMI experience innovative design

Volkswagen facecar and Volkswagen have jointly completed in-vehicle HMI experience design innovation. By polishing the design of multiple intelligent interface terminals such as central control screens and dashboards, Volvo has helped car owners to achieve a safe, friendly, easy-to-use and enjoyable driving experience.

Avatr The facecar design team created a new HMI concept design for Avatr Motors to meet the needs of the future of intelligent mobility. The personalized experience is fully integrated with innovative graphics and interaction design to create a pleasant and efficient driving experience.

WEY facecar, as an intelligent cockpit experience innovation and design consulting company, has entered into a cooperation with Great Wall Motor to provide HMI design consulting services for WEY, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, marking the official launch of the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the field of intelligent mobility.

HMI experience innovation design of SAIC IM HMI experience innovation design of SAIC IM

SAIC IM The facecar builds HMI experience innovation design for IM L7, and centers on the design concept of IM "IM What I am" to build the overall design of "elegant black gold". The beveling line full of style of entry lux creates the simple and advanced using experience for users, and perfectly integrates the rejuvenation and sense of intelligence presented by L7 vehicle type.

HMI Experience Innovation Design of Tiggo 8 PLUS HMI Experience Innovation Design of Tiggo 8 PLUS

Tiggo 8 PLUS The facecar team leads the HMI experience innovation design of Tiggo 8 PLUS. In the design process, they provide excellent creative solutions through continuous research, exploration and brainstorming, introduce the virtual image of intelligent assistant "Xiaoqi" the first time to achieve the bi-directional emotional interaction of voice and vision, and create warm travel space with extr...

HUMAN HORIZONS HMI experience innovative design HUMAN HORIZONS HMI experience innovative design

HUMAN HORIZONS facecar created a complete set of innovative HMI experiences for human horizons HiPhi 1 production car.The multi-terminal large-screen design and interaction method in the car perfectly combines technology and art, which greatly improves the user experience and improves the concept of "technology, fashion, and humanity.

Chery Explorer 06 In the field of intelligent mobility, facecar once again shows its industry leadership, providing Chery Explorer 06 with HMI design consulting services for the whole process of interaction and visualization. It brings a more intelligent and humanized driving experience to Chery Explorer 06 users.

Baojun KiWi EV We are honored to reach a project cooperation with Baojun KiWi EV, thinking and exploring the intelligent in-vehicle experience innovation design with KiWi EV team. In the process of cooperation, facecar, as an intelligent in-vehicle experience design partner, provided HMI design consulting services for Wuling KIWI.

Geometry E This cooperation between facecar and Geometry E will further promote Geometry E's intelligent traveling experience driven by technology. Through excellent HMI design, Geometry E will create a more intelligent and personalized driving and riding experience for users, injecting new momentum for intelligent travel.

Union Life U-Hozon auto HMI experience innovative design Union Life U-Hozon auto HMI experience innovative design

Union Life U-Hozon auto facecar cooperates with Union Life to create a double-screen interactive experience for the Union Life U and launches on the auto show, taking the voice guide as the interaction center to reflect the sensual idea and further allow users' spilt-screen interactive operation under a multi-scene, getting the visual inspiration from the oblique variation of its band DNA "V" to show a pow...


BESTUNE T99 facecar conducts the brand-new concept exploration for BESTUNE T99, and creates an integral central control large-size screen design and 3D virtual character image design for it. Simple and coherent design style make drivers and passengers more quickly, conveniently and intuitively feel the convenience of science and technology.

Venucia T90 and T60 HMI experience innovative design Venucia T90 and T60 HMI experience innovative design

Venucia It is a great honor that facecar team involved in the initial establishment of HMI system of Dongfeng Venucia and designed the innovative experience for the new Venucia , from the early exploration of the brand to the final HMI design which was applied to several vehicle types, and we witness the growing and developing of Venucia wit-fun technology.

Hongqi HMI experience innovative design Hongqi HMI experience innovative design

Hongqi Based on the research of users' psychological needs and behaviors of Hongqi H7, according to the characteristics of successful personages such as governors and business man, we made customized interface design and visual design plan for vehicle front and rear space, Beyond the HMI innovation, we also integrate Hongqi brand DNA and product design, car owners will feel the national brand honor ...


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