Digital App Design

With the development of digitalization and internet, we provide customers with a delicate and smooth digitalized experience through the scene experience design of the automobile to make the brand more attractive and help the auto mobile enterprises to provide a perfect service experience.

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Nissan ARIYA Digital App Design With the advent of the smart car era, facecar is honored to announce that it has joined hands with Nissan to provide digital App design services for its flagship electric model ARIYA, and to jointly create a digital experience for future travel. This cooperation with Nissan ARIYA uses the digital App as a bridge to realize a smarter and more convenient connection between vehicles and users, vehic...

M-Hero Digital APP Design In this cooperation , facecar customized a set of innovative APP design for M-Hero. Combined with the brand DNA and product positioning of M-Hero, the new M-Hero digital APP design was defined through user research, interaction strategy thinking and visual innovation design.

Human Horizons HIPHI ONE Digital App Design facecar joins hands with Human Horizons to provide professional digital App design service for its luxury electric SUV HIPHI ONE. Through multiple services such as hotspots, plazas and activities, a new digital social platform is built for users. The digital App is not only a transmitter of information, but also a social square and connection bridge for HIPHI ONE owners. Users can share their dri...

OnStar Cross-Platform Experience Innovation Consulting We reached an annual cooperation with ONstar, in the past year, facecar is committed to provide more upgrades for millions of ONstar car owners can be landing system optimization design solutions, the perfect upgrade of the small o voice image, during the period of time, but also the introduction of emotional, scenarios and other trends in the design approach, the team is committed to every detail...

SAIC-Volkswagen ONE Digital App Design facecar provided professional digital app design services for SAIC-Volkswagen ONE. From the user's perspective, facecar injected innovative elements through the unique positioning of the product and clever functional design to tailor-make personalized digital mobility experience for car owners and enhance driving experience.

Daimler Benz E-commerce platform user experience design The cross-platform design created by facecar for Mercedes-Benz integrates the latest marketing methods, marketing models, and sales systems into the interaction design, visually inherits the brand tone of Mercedes-Benz, and highlights the established brand temperament and connotation of Mercedes-Benz through the black, white, and gray, which is a clean and simple atmospheric presentation.

Audi Telematics O2O Service Platform Innovation Consulting Under the trend of automobile Internetization, facing a large number of vehicle management needs, Audi cooperates with facecar to launch Audi Telematics O2O service platform, which comprehensively improves the traditional aftermarket service mode from the aspects of efficiency, convenience and interactivity, and creates a better user service experience.

SAIC-Volkswagen Mobile UX Design Deeply integrating the concept of intelligent interconnection design, from the research on the design style of Telematics products in the Chinese market, we extracted the unique design preferences of Chinese users, combined with the trend of intelligent and emotional design and the business characteristics of SAIC Volkswagen's products, and formulated a personalized Telematics service experie...

Geely Mobile UX Design Through the research of the brand in the early stage, we extracted the design language of the Evoque to run through the overall design. facecar polishes the mobile service experience for the Geely Telematics platform, devotes itself to solving the new challenges of automobile human-computer interaction arising from the changes in the market, and effectively reconciles the diversified qualities of ...

Venucia Mobile UX Design Provided Nissan's Venucia T70 and Venucia T70X SUV sedan with full-process experience innovation consulting services, and through targeted market research and user analysis, truly took the pulse of the SUV model market segments, and created for Nissan a brand new intelligent connected product that meets the logic of the operation and emotional needs.


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