Global Blockbuster Debut of facecar AI Holographic Intelligent System | Intelligence Application Leads the Boundless Future

On December 20, 2018, facecar successfully held the exclusive global launch event about the AI holographic intelligent system faceair in Shanghai, and attracted more than 1,000 persons in charge of intelligent technical and product planning from well-known automobile enterprises at home and abroad, such as BMW, Volkswagen, Benz, SAIC, Geely and Weltmeister, and interdisciplinary experts in the fields of retailing and fast-moving consumer goods industry, finance, smart home, health care and artificial intelligence to the launch event site and witness the global debut of this subversive intelligent system.

The AI holographic intelligent system faceair is the most subversive research and development result in the research and development process of the optical holographic application of facecar. On the basis of true medium-free aerial imaging holographic technology, the R&D team of facecar deeply explores the user experience scenario to conduct the application research and development combined with gesture, voice, brain wave and ultrasonic feedback and other most "in" forward-looking interaction technologies, subverting traditional display and interactive models and making users feel extremely immersive and realistic experience.

facecar AI Holographic Intelligent System Conference

faceair is not only the name of the AI holographic intelligent system globally and exclusively released in this launch event, but also the new intelligent display technology department under the face system. faceair focuses on the upper application research and development of intelligent display technology in the artificial intelligence era and the application solutions of various fields. New intellectual technologies are constantly updated and iterated in the artificial intelligence era. The strategic goal of faceair is to explore the application scenarios in different fields based on the most forward-looking artificial intelligence black technology, and to carry out the upper application research and development combined with various interaction technologies, maximizing the application value of intellectual technology.

At present, the intelligent display technologies deeply researched by faceair include medium-free aerial imaging, fan and matrix holography, desktop 3d projected display, intelligent glass imaging, 3d intelligent projection of distant view, and flexible display technology. It has infinite application scenarios in the fields of intelligent automobile, exhibition and display, medical treatment and health, retailing and fast-moving consumer goods industry, entertainment & games, education and culture. Different intelligent display technologies have their own advantages and characteristics, which are suitable for different fields. Combining with the pain points of application scenarios in various fields and user experience, faceair develops perfect solutions and innovative application value in different industries.

faceair forward-looking intelligent display technology Prospective intelligent display technology application field

Sheva Zhu, the Founder of facecar, specially released and demonstrated two major AI holographic intelligent systems based on the intelligent automobile industry and in the fields of entertainment & games in this launch event. In the automobile field, facecar deeply explores the pain points of user experience scenarios and user experience, for example, problems of inconvenient interaction and space occupation brought by entity screen, and problems of potential safety hazards and traffic jams anxiety caused by fatigue driving of users, and realizes functions of medium-free spatial display, emotional interaction with holographic housekeeper, naked-eye 3d depth navigation, holographic window interaction linkage, and immersive entertainment based on medium-free aerial imaging technology, speech recognition, gesture control, ultrasonic feedback and other multichannel interaction technologies, which subverts the traditional display and interactive mode, and will be a subversive revolution of user experience in the field of intelligent automobile.

facecar AI holographic intelligent system

Except for the holographic intelligent system, facecar also released numerous forward-looking black technology researched and developed by facecar Intelligent Lab in this launch event, including interactive window, speech recognition, gesture recognition, multi-screen interaction, ultrasonic feedback and other forward-looking artificial intelligence technology.

facecar integration technology

In addition to numerous research and development and integration achievements of black technology, facecar Intelligent Lab also has abundant databases of user scenarios and bench simulation test functions. The Lab aims to start from the user experience as well as the research and development of intelligent technology to the technology application, and finally realize the mass production of products to truly serves users.

The facecar's launch event about future boundless AI holographic intelligent system is based on true medium-free optical holographic application, and combines with numerous black technologies, which subverts traditional audio and visual experience and interactive mode, and brings infinite possible innovation opportunity and application scenarios to each field.

As the global exclusive first releaser of holographic intelligent system and the application solution provider, facecar will lead the development trend of intelligent technology application and intelligent cockpit starting with the holographic technology.


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